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This page displays recent announcements and updates for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. Links to archived announcements and updates are available at the end of the page.
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A list of tool repairs and limited statuses is available here.

Announcements for November 2017

Announcements for October 2017

Announcements for September 2017

Announcements for August 2017

Announcements for July 2017

Announcements for June 2017

Announcements for May 2017

Announcements for April 2017

Announcements for March 2017

Announcements for February 2017

  • LNF News and Events
    • LNF Users Communication Meeting
    • LNF Tech Talks - Electron-beam Lithography
    • Job Opening
    • Upcoming Seminars
  • Facility Improvements
    • HEPA Filter Changeout
  • Tool Updates
    • K.J. Lesker PVD 75 Sputtering tool
    • Shallow Boron Diffusion in Tempress S5T3
  • Safety and Policies
    • Buddy Policy Update
    • Squirt Bottles
  • LNF User Committee
    • LNF Picture Contest
  • Scheduler/IT Updates
  • User of the Month
  • Statistics

Announcements for January 2017

  • LNF News and Events
    • Donut Hour
    • LNF Tech Talks - Electron-beam Lithography
    • Microfluidics Workshop
    • Upcoming Defenses and Seminars
  • Facility Improvements
    • HEPA Filter Changeout
    • Changes to Cleanroom Lighting
    • Lab Reorganization
  • Safety and Policies
    • Private Chemical Label Color Change
    • Lessons Learned
  • LNF User Committee
    • Next Facility Tour
  • User of the Month
  • From the Director’s Desk
    • Happy New Year!
    • New Equipment Survey
    • LNF Information for Proposal Preparation

Archived Announcements and Updates


Job Openings

LNF Users - Ph.D. Defenses