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This page provides information about the LNF Seed Funding program, funded by the College of Engineering for internal (University of Michigan) users.
Updated 03/15/2019

Overview (updated for 2019)

This program is intended to enable new research activities in the LNF or to support the development of new processes benefiting the LNF community. Awards are $5k for one year, renewable once. Funds are available to the Project Director for any LNF charges (“Lurie Facility Expense”) during the year. Proposals can be submitted anytime throughout the year, and there will be two review cycles annually. We expect to award about 3 projects per cycle.
There are two distinct tracks.

  • Track 1: new research project
  • Track 2: new LNF process

Note that, for new users of the LNF, the Seed Funding awards can be further leveraged thanks to the CoE new user subsidy, which reduces usage charges by 80% the first $2,000 of LNF fees during the first year of usage.

Proposal requirements and modalities

Note that the online form is only available through your account

The required proposal package is brief:

  1. one-page description of the proposed project/process,
  2. one-page description of needed LNF capabilities and equipment.

Collaborative projects are welcome in track 1.
In track 2, applicants are required to discuss their proposed process with LNF staff prior to submitting their proposal. Proposers for track 2 should also specify in their proposal any costs that will be required for tool/facilities modifications or supplies (apart from LNF store consumables). Proposals should specify how these costs will be funded - through other funds available to the PI, or by LNF.
In all cases, if you have any question about LNF capabilities or compatibility with your materials of interest, please email Please also remember that these funds cannot be used for personnel costs, nor for materials and supplies expenses (except for items from the LNF store, which are allowable.)

Selection and funding criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee from the LNF council, based on the following criteria

  • Track 1: innovative ideas with emphasis on projects and PIs not traditionally supported by the LNF
  • Track 2: enhancement of LNF capabilities and benefit to the community

Proposal cycles

Cycle Proposal submission deadline PI notification Period of performance
Spring March 15 April 26 May 1 - April 30
Fall September 15 October 19 November 1 - October 30


The following material will be provided by the PI at the end of the award period:

  • Track 1
    • a final report
    • one powerpoint slide suitable for public posting
  • Track 2
    • a final report
    • developed recipes and characterization knowledge, in a format appropriate for the LNF wiki, where it will be made available to the LNF community

Awards from past cycles, for reference

  • Prof. Merajver, Internal Medicine, Micropallet Array Platform Technology
  • Prof. Ragunathan, Biological Chemistry, Tracing cellular memory across individual cell lineages
  • Prof. Singh, Chemical Engineering, Kinetics for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
  • Prof. Evgueni Filipov, Civil Engineering, Micro-Fabrication of Folding Structures with Multiple Materials
  • Prof. Neil Dasgupta, Mechanical Engineering, Atomic Layer Deposition of High-Mobility Metal Oxides

Additional questions?

If you have any question, please contact Dr Sandrine Martin, LNF managing director at or 734-277-2365.