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This page displays information about changes in LNF fee schedule, effective January 1, 2015. Note that, following the recommendations of the LNF Review Committee, updates of the LNF fee schedule now normally occur on an annual basis. The January 1st schedule allows for usage of the full previous fiscal year data and obtain the necessary approvals.

Single Daily Rates

  • Single daily access rate for cleanroom and/or ROBIN

Tool Rates

  • Charge for cleanroom wet benches. Rates range $12-20/hr
  • Other tool rates adjusted based on updated expenses and utilization data
  - Current weighted (by utilization) academic tool average: $31/hr, no more than 3% overall increase.
  - No more than 10% rate change for any individual tool.

Other Changes

  • Internal subsidy increased in 3rd tier ($15k-$40k) to 10%. Subsidy tiers simplified: see Subsidy program for internal users.
  • External non-academic multiplier lowered to 1.95