ADT 7100 Dicing Saw/Processes/Standard Silicon

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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment ADT 7100 Dicing Saw
Technology Packaging
Material Silicon


After loading your recipe with Define Job, Check your recipe for the correct Blade Type, Wafer Shape (Circular or Rectangular), Wafer Diameter (circular), Y and X dimension (rectangular), Wafer Thickness, Depth and Index (the distance between cuts).


Wafer Thickness Blade Spindle Speed Feed Rate
Up to 600 µm with a new blade K&S S1230-Q5HH-000 27-30 KRPM 10 mm/sec
Up to 1100 µm with a new blade K&S S2550-Q5HH-000 27-30 KRPM 10 mm/sec


  • Kerf Width is typically 50 µm with the K&S S1230-Q5HH-000 blade.
  • Kerf Width is typically 80 µm with the K&S S2550-Q5HH-000 blade.
  • Minimal chipping.


  • The total thickness of the wafer plus all other layers may be no more than the capability of the blade.