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This page displays recent announcements and updates for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. Links to archived announcements and updates are available at the end of the page.
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A list of tool repairs and limited statuses is available here.

Announcements August 2023

Announcements July 2023

  • LNF News and Events
    • Availability of Garments in the Gowning Rooms
    • Coming Soon: Publication of the Month
    • Congratulations to Yakshita Malhotra, Ishtiaque Navid, and Yixin Xiao!
    • 2023 LNF Photo Contest
    • Announcements
    • Defenses
    • Job Openings
  • Safety and Policies
    • Dress Code Reminder
  • Tool Updates
    • CAD Room/External Users Office
    • CEE Apogee Spinner in the ROBIN Lab
    • SB-6E Wafer Bonder
    • YES Plasma Heater Back Online
    • CEE Dispense Guns
    • Nanoquest II Ion Mill Update
    • Dimatix MP-2831 Inkjet Printer
    • STS Pegasus 6
    • Zygo Optical Profiler Issues
  • LNF Users Committee
    • LNF User Committee Meeting
    • LNF User Committee Office Hour
  • User of the Month: Seungjun Ki

Archived Announcements and Updates


Job Openings

LNF Users - Ph.D. Defenses