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This page displays recent announcements and updates for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. Links to archived announcements and updates are available at the end of the page.
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A list of tool repairs and limited statuses is available here.

Announcements March 2023

  • LNF News and Events
    • EECS 425 Class Session in the LNF
    • Ishtiaque Navid Awarded Fellowships
    • Announcements
    • Defenses
    • Job Openings
  • Safety and Policies
    • All Hair and Clothes Must be Covered
  • Tool Updates
    • GCA AutoStep 200
    • YES Plasma Stripper
    • JEOL e-beam Litho System Maintenance
    • TEL Mark Vz Track System is Installed
    • Solvent 94 Safety Funnel
    • Zygo NewView 5000
    • Veeco Fiji ALD Idle at 200C
    • NanoSpec 6100 Replacement for Cleanroom
  • LNF Users Committee
    • LNF User Committee Meeting
    • LNF User Committee Office Hour
  • User of the Month: Xin Zhai

Announcements February 2023

Announcements January 2023

  • LNF News and Events
    • LNF Community Day on January 19, 2023
      • User Communication Meeting
      • Golden Tweezers Award
      • LNF Poster Session
    • EECS 425 Class Session in the LNF
    • Announcements
      • Defenses
    • Job Openings
  • Safety and Policies
    • Chemical, File, and Name Tag Purge in January 2023
    • Complete Usage of Chemical Bottles
  • Tool Updates
    • Track System and ACS
    • Icon AFM
    • CEE200X and Apogee Photoresist Spinners
    • ADT 7100 Dicing Saw
    • Solvent 94 - PDMS moving to a private chemical
  • IT/Online Services
    • New LNF Website
  • LNF Users Committee
    • LNF User Committee Meeting
    • LNF User Committee Office Hour

December 25: EECS building closure due to flood

12/27/2022: There were network issues in the building today Dec 27 between 1 and 3pm as ITS was working on repairs, which affected the Online Services and Wiki. Network has been restored and LNF systems are accessible again.
12/26/2022: The LNF is expected to re-open Tuesday 12/27/2022. Note that the EECS building may not be fully re-opened yet, so entrance must be made from the east (LNF/Beal Ave) side and the only access allowed is to LNF spaces.
12/25/2022: Due to a flood on the 3rd floor, the EECS building is closed until further notice.

Fee Schedule Update Effective January 1, 2023

Fee schedules are expected to be updated in January 2023, pending approval from the U-M office of Enterprise Financial Planning & Analysis:

Key updates are:

  • Room rates (daily and entry fees) will not change.
  • Most tool rates will increase by about 3%, i.e. for academic rates +$1/hr or +$2/hr above their current value.
  • Due to higher maintenance/consumable costs on a few tools, their rates will go up by more than 3%. None of these increases exceed +$3/hr above their current academic rate.
  • The JEOL e-beam lithography tool rate will not change.
  • The usage and billing structure for PDMS processing is changing: PDMS kits will no longer be shared among the user community: they will be purchased by users, and the Solvent 94 bench rate will decrease accordingly.
  • Note that costs for store items are updated regularly to adjust to market conditions.

Archived Announcements and Updates


Job Openings

LNF Users - Ph.D. Defenses