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This page displays recent announcements and updates for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. Links to archived announcements and updates are available at the end of the page.
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A list of tool repairs and limited statuses is available here.

COVID-19 Situation Update for the LNF

See the LNF COVID-19 Updates dedicated page.

Announcements for January 2022

  • LNF News and Events
    • New LNF Staff in the User Services Group
    • Congratulations to Jorge Barreda and Matt Gutierrez, 2021 Staff Incentive Award Winners
    • EECS 425 Class Sessions in the LNF
    • Updated LNF Store Hours and Policies
    • Announcements
    • Job Openings
  • Safety and Policies
    • Private Chemical Purge
  • Tool Updates
    • BX-51 Microscope Stage
    • Aspirator Timers on Wet Benches
    • ACS 200 Cluster Tool
    • Contact Aligners
    • Wet Bench Decommission
    • Optical Microscopes
  • IT/Online Services
  • User of the Month: Thomas White

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Archived Announcements and Updates


Job Openings

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