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This only applies to lab users with access to multiple accounts

Managing multiple LNF accounts

Billing for LNF lab users who have access to more than one account within a given month is done based on input from the user. Here are the user's responsibilities:

  • Make sure to order your accounts as desired (in the Preferences tab of the Scheduler)
  • When reserving tools or a drybox space, or purchasing an item from the store, please make sure to use the proper account. Please note that on-the-fly reservations are automatically charged to your "default" account, listed first in the drop down. They can be modified later by going to the Reservation History tab in the Scheduler application.
  • Apportion lab time: this is to let the online system know which account(s) should be used for room charges. Detailed instructions are below. You can enter default information ("Default Apportionment" in the User Data application) at any time. To enter information for a given month ("Lab time apportionment" in the User Data applicaiton), the system is currently available during the first 3 business days of the following month.
  • The apportionment data can be entered by the user and his/her manager(s).

Detailed Instructions for Apportionment:

  • Login to the LNF online system and go to Applications > User Data

Monthly Apportionment

This is available during the first 3 business days of the month, for LNF usage during the prior month.

  • Click on Lab Time Apportionment
  • Select the year, month, and the room.
  • Click on "Get Data"
  • Step1: apportion daily room charges
    • A Table will be displayed with one column for each account that the user has access to. The total number of days spent in the room is show at the left.
    • You will enter a number of days that you worked on each account that you have access to. For each account, there is a minimum/maximum number of days that you can enter. These numbers are based on your tool reservation data and the dates that the account was activated/deactivated. If, on a given day, you have tool reservations for more than one organization, please note that each organization will be charged a separate daily fee.
    • Click "Save and Apportion Room Entries"
    • You have to enter this information for each room that you entered that is associated with a daily fee (for most users, this will be "LNF" only).

monthly apportionment 1

  • Step2: apportion entry charges
    • This is a similar process. Your entries will be listed for each room that you entered that is associated with an entry fee (for most users, this will be "Clean Room" and/or "ROBIN")
    • Click "Save Room Entry Apportionment"

monthly apportionment 2

Default Apportionment

  • Click on Default Apportionment
  • Select your name and the room
  • Click on "Get Data"
  • Enter the percentage that you wish to assign to each of the accounts that you have access to. The total should add up to 100%.
  • Click "Save". Remember to do this for all rooms that you have access to, including both rooms with daily fee (for most users, "LNF") and rooms with entry fees (for most users, "Clean Room" and/or "ROBIN")

default apportionment