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Chemical processing is forbidden if you are alone in the lab.

This page describes the LNF Buddy System, especially critical for chemical processing after hours, and the single user alert that is in place in the LNF.

Buddy System Policy

If you are working in the LNF after business hours when there are only a few people in the lab and want to process with chemicals, use the buddy system: identify a “buddy” and ask them to stay in the lab while you are processing. Keep your buddy informed of your location and when you plan to leave the lab, and ask them to do the same.

We have yellow lights at the beginning of each bay that has wet benches. When the yellow light turns on, this indicates that there are fewer than 3 users in the lab. If you are working at a bench and the lights come on, please take the time to find the other person in the lab and let them know you are doing chemical processing. Ask them to check in with you before leaving the lab. If they are leaving soon, and you will be alone in the lab, you will need stop working with chemicals.

If you are about to leave the lab and the yellow lights are on, please see if there is another user in the lab doing chemical processing and let them know you are leaving. We need to work together to get our processing done.

There is a monitor near the gowning room entrance in the cleanroom with live feeds from the cameras, to easily find people in the lab. Please check the monitor as you leave to make sure that you are not leaving someone alone who is processing with chemicals.

How to Request a Buddy

  • Users must create a Helpdesk ticket, under the Help menu- topic Other, that describes the location, wet bench, date and time needed.
  • Buddy will respond to the help desk ticket and initiate the conversation with the user to clearly define, date, time and duration of the process
  • User should also request buddy via Buddy calendar

The Role of the Buddy

  • Buddy is to be present in the same room on sight view of the user working at the wet bench
  • Buddy must be aware of the actions to be taken in the case of an incident - Safety

The Buddy Calendar

When users are granted after hours access they are automatically added to the After Hours Buddy System calendar. Since chemical processing is not allowed when a lab user is alone in the lab, the Buddy System calendar is used to find other lab users who need to work in the LNF after hours and to coordinate being in lab at the same time. If you are looking for a buddy, post the time you wish to work, which lab (cleanroom or ROBIN), and the tool you wish to work at. If you see someone who matches the time you are looking for, email that person to confirm, and post your time, lab and tool to the calendar. After Hours Policies