Data Purge Policy

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LNF Temporary File Storage

The LNF provides temporary data storage on the CAD room and lab walkup computers, and the LNF file server. Users can access the LNF file server from many of the labs' tool computers, the CAD room and lab walkup computers. These storage services are intended as a short-term convenience so that lab users can move their files to more permanent and secure storage (i.e., a portable hard drive, online cloud storage, etc.) Please keep in mind that no USB storage is allowed on instruments or tools computers unless explicitly approved by the tool engineers.

LNF Files Server

Connection to the LNF file server provides access to tool and user folders.

CAD Room and Lab Walkup Computers

Lab users can store files in C:\Users subfolders. (Because the lab walkup computers do not require a login, lab users should create their own C:\Users subfolder.) Storage in other folders (i.e., the desktop, the downloads folder, etc.) is not allowed; any user files found outside of C:\Users may be deleted without notice.

Tri-annual Data Purge Process

The data purge will occur concurrent with other tri-annual LNF purges. During this process:

  • On the CAD room and lab walkup computers, files not modified since the previous purge will be deleted from C:\Users subfolders.
  • In the LNF file server, files in tools' and users' folders that have not been modified since the previous purge will be moved to the _Archives folder. Users cannot access the _Archives folder. Create an LNF Helpdesk ticket if you forgot to backup a file before it was moved to _Archives.
  • Files that were moved to _Archives in the previous purge will be deleted. Files that have been deleted from _Archives cannot be retrieved nor restored.

Check the LNF Monthly Update and the display outside of the LNF conference room for Data and Chemical Purge reminders.