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Wet chemical processing is a widely used technology at the LNF.


Wet chemical processing is used for a variety of purposes, from chemical removal of material (wet etching) to deposition of material (electroplating), to sample cleaning, to the creation of patterns on the surface using optical lithography techniques. Many chemicals and materials can be handled in the LNF. To minimize the danger of incompatible materials mixing or cross-contaminating each other, different wet benches are designated for handling of different materials.

If you are unsure about a material or process, please create a helpdesk ticket.


Here is a list of all the equipment for wet chemical processing.
Overview Table of LNF Benches

Training Modules

  • The lab offers a general training session including details of process steps and the tools available. This session is required for authorization on all wet benches. The session will cover bench safety, bench, and labware labeling policies, what benches and processes are available, and which types of materials are allowed at different benches. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has session moved to a virtual format - see link below.

Private Chemicals

If you need a private chemical process at the LNF, please make a helpdesk ticket and create an SOP following the provided template.


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