Indium tin oxide

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Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is a ternary composition of the elements indium, tin, and oxygen in varying proportions. The most common composition is 74% indium, 18% oxygen, and 8% tin. ITO is transparent and colourless in thin layer, but in thicker layers it turns a yellowish/ grey. It is also very conductive.

Processing Equipment

Process technologies that can be used to deposit/pattern this material. If this is a substrate, refer to what tool/process restrictions there may be and possibly remove the following sub-sections.

Deposition Equipment

Etching Equipment

Characterization Equipment


ITO is widely used in 2 main properties: its electrical conductivity and optical transparency. It is also easily deposited as a thin film. It must be noted that the relationship between the conductivity and transparency have an inverse relationship, so increasing thickness and concentration of charge carriers will decrease the transparency. ITO has a melting point between 1526 and 1926C depending on the composition. These properties make ITO an important material in the fabrication of touch screens.


Deposition Processes

Etching Processes

Characterization Processes

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