Internal Billing Procedure

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This page describes the financial implementation of the LNF billing for U-M users (shortcodes).
LNF users are charged monthly based on their activity in the LNF. Charges include equipment usage as well as daily and per-entry fees according to the complete fee schedule listed below. Charges may also include any supplies specifically purchased by users from the LNF Online Store
Internal (U-M) users are billed directly to a U-M shortcode via Service Unit Billing. There are separate entries for room, tool and store charges.

The latest complete fee schedule can be found online. The fee schedule is reviewed annually and updated as needed. After approval from the U-M Office of Financial Analysis, the rates are published and the users notified of the new rates.

There are several charge reduction programs that apply to internal users' rool and tool usage, that are described in more details here. Note that usage charges and credits can be monitored on the LNF online system (see details here).