June 2016 water damage

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This page has been created to consolidate updates following the June 4th flood that occurred in EECS 1480 (new cleanroom space). Note that ROBIN and EECS 1440 (older part of the cleanroom) were not affected. Please see below for updated status.

Facility status

The cleaning and certification of the LNF clean room was completed on July 21st and the clean room was opened to users July 22nd afternoon. Most of the equipment is operational, tools have been re-characterized and are working normally. The AlN deposition tool had damaged parts that are in the process of being replaced, the request has been made to the manufacturer and we are waiting for an initial replacement part.

Please refer to the online system for availability and scheduling all the LNF tools. Details on the characterization results of all the tools are found in the respective wiki-pages

Equipment status

Equipment Status Alternatives Comments
AlN sputtering tool Off-line Main Board damage - waiting from replacement part

Alternative solutions and back up

Contact us for AlN back up.