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KMPR is an i-line epoxy based photoresist that can be developed in TMAH based developers. It comes in a variety of viscosity and can coat 4-120um thick layers in a single spin. KMPR 1010 can be used to create layers 10-20um thick, and KMPR 1025 can create layers 20-65um thick.

10µm KMPR 1010 Process

We recommend reading through the full datasheet and following their recommendations.

  1. Spin in the CEE Apogee @ 3krpm
  2. Soft bake 100°C for 5 min
  3. Expose
    1. Contact Aligners: 18 sec
    2. Stepper:
  4. Bake at 100°C for 2 min
  5. Develop
    1. CEE Puddle Developers: 60-60-60 TP


Soaking the sample in Remover PG at 80°C for 10-20min will swell the film and help it delaminate from the substrate. There is also a recipe on the YES that can be used, but


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet