LAM 9400/Processes/LNF Al2O3

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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment LAM 9400
Technology RIE
Material Al2O3
Mask Materials Photoresist, SiO2
Gases Used BCl3, HBr
Date Created December 2020
Authored By Shawn Wright

This is intended for etching Al2O3, and is the same as the breakthrough step in LNF_Aluminum.

Etch Rates

These were measured using 1cm pieces on a 6" Si carrier.

Main Etch

  • ALD Al2O3: 28 nm/min
  • SPR: 29.6 nm/min
  • PMMA: 73.4 nm/min
  • ZEP: 49.4 nm/min
  • SiO2: 48.4 nm/min
  • GaN (N-Polar): 18.7 nm/min
  • Aluminum: 88 nm/min


Parameter Main Etch
Pressure 5 mTorr
TCP Power 600 W
Bias Power 50 W
HBr Flow 25 sccm
BCl3 Flow 25 sccm
Time Variable