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About this Process
Process Details
Equipment LAM 9400
Technology RIE
Material HfO2
Mask Materials Photoresist
Gases Used BCl3
Date Created October 2021
Authored By Shawn Wright, Subhajit Mohanty
This process requires more than the standard chamber clean.

This recipe is designed to etch HfO2. Since Hf byproducts may not be effectively removed by the standard waferless autoclean we require a post etch process to be run to generate SiCl4 which is effective at cleaning Hf. The recipe "Wafer_Clean_SiCl4" needs to be run on a blank Si wafer for 5 min after etching HfO2 in this process.


  1. Run etch
  2. Run Wafer_Clean_SiCl4 for 5 min on a blank Si wafer


Main Etch

Measured using pieces mounted to a 6" Si carrier.

  • HfO2 (250°C deposition): 29 nm/min
  • HfO2 (250°C deposition, annealed at 400°C for 1 min): 21 nm/min
  • GaN: 2.2 nm/min (13:1)
  • SPR 955: 12.3 nm/min
  • ZEP: 11.9 nm/min
  • PMMA: 24.7 nm/min

Measured as a blanket film on a 6" wafer:

  • SiO2: 13.8 nm/min


Parameter Main Etch
Pressure 5 mTorr
TCP Power 400 W
Bias Power 20 W
Vpk-pk ~34 V
BCl3 Flow 30 sccm
Time < 5 min


  1. Ramos, R., G. Cunge, and O. Joubert. "Plasma reactor dry cleaning strategy after TiN, TaN and HfO2 etching processes." Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena 26.1 (2008): 181-188.