LNF Scheduler Release Notes

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Scheduler Release Notes - 5/9/2016 9:15 am

  • Additional fix for issue with forgiving reservations. Improved error handing when there is a problem with updating billing data (the page will load and the reservation will still be forgiven).

Scheduler Release Notes - 1/21/2016 9:15 am

  • Fixed issue with forgiving reservations. Billing data was not getting updated properly.
  • Fixed issue with viewing reservation history of canceled remote processing reservations. An error occurred when there was no invitee added before the reservation was canceled. The available account list is empty in this case and this was not handled properly.
  • Small performance improvement to the resource info box (bottom left corner under the resource tree view).

Scheduler Release Notes - 12/17/2015 9:25 am

  • Fixed issue with "Create and Start" button. Users are now warned if there is a currently running reservation that will be ended.
  • Added page load time display in top right corner. This will provide feed back to users to help them gauge site performance, and will hopefully be useful in trouble shooting specific issues. This is rendered by a small plugin that also provides additional performance logging data which we will monitor.