Locker and Gowning Room Policies

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LNF Locker Policy

Lockers are available for storage of coats, backpacks, briefcases, and other personal items that you do not wish to take into the LNF. The lockers are located across from the Wet Chem lab, next to the men’s restroom. The lockers are not assigned and may be used by any LNF lab user. If you plan to use the lockers, purchase a combination lock from the LNF Store and select any empty locker to store your belongings in.

Please observe the following rules:

  • Lockers are for use only while you are working in the LNF.
  • Only LNF-issued locks may be used.
  • If an LNF lock is removed it will be returned to the LNF store for resale.
  • Non-LNF locks will be removed and discarded.
  • No chemical storage.
  • Lockers are typically emptied Monday and Thursday during lab clean.
  • Personal items found in lockers will be sent to EECS building lost and found (Undergraduate Advising Office, Room 3415 EECS).
  • Technical items found inside the cleanroom will be placed in the LNF lost and found and handled according to the lost and found policy of the LNF cleanroom.
  • Most items found outside of the cleanroom will be placed in the first open locker (lowest locker number). Valuables will be taken to the EECS building lost and found (Undergraduate Advising Office, Room 3415 EECS)

Gowning Room Rules (updated May 2021)

Storing Your Cleanroom Suit:

  • If this is your first visit to the cleanroom for the week since Thursday morning, and you do not already have a cleanroom suit stored in a white bag, take new garments and a new white garment bag from the blue plastic bins. Garment bags should be attached to the metal hangers using the clips at the top of the bags, which fit on each side of the top hook.
  • After you have finished working in the cleanroom, take off your coverall, hood, and boots and put them in one of the white bags so that you can reuse them the next time you visit the cleanroom. Boots should be placed in the lower compartment, coverall in the upper compartment and hood/safety glasses in the small front pocket. Suits should be reused until they are removed by staff during Thursday lab clean.
  • You may use any available hanger to store your suit apart from the rack closest to the bench, which is for LNF staff only. Clean bags are in the blue bin below the hoods. Label the bag by clipping one of your name tags to the hanger or the top of the bag.
  • Please place your suit in a garment bag even if you do not have plans to come back to the cleanroom before next laundry day (Thursdays).
  • If you have not been in the cleanroom recently, your name tags will be in one of the name tag bins. Name tags are removed from unused hangers during Monday lab clean, and returned to the bins. If you have not been in the cleanroom for an extended period of time, your name tags may have been purged from the gowning area. In such a case, please use a handwritten temporary tag and yellow holders located in the lower right name tag bin.
  • If you do not find your name tags, please use a handwritten temporary tag and yellow holders located in the lower right name tag bin.
  • Garments and hanging bags are removed and sent to the laundry every Thursday during lab clean. Name tags and safety glasses are left on the hanger at that point. Every Monday during lab clean, name tags and safety glasses are removed from hangers that do not have a bag/garments (and any temporary tags are collected or discarded).

Replacing a Damaged or Incorrectly Sized Suit:

  • If your suit does not fit, put it in a plastic ziploc bag, write “CLEAN” on the bag, and place the bag back in the bin.
  • If your suit is dirty, put it in one of the orange plastic bags stored below the face masks and gloves, write “DIRTY” on the bag, and place the bag on the table.
  • If your suit is torn, damaged, or contaminated with chemicals, please notify staff. If no staff are available to take the suit, place the suit in an orange plastic bag with a note describing the problem, and leave the bag on the table.
  • If your suit has been contaminated with chemicals, then be aware that you may be, too! If you suspect you have been exposed, please contact staff immediately, so that we can help you get appropriate medical attention: LNF Emergency Response Team Phone Number (24-hour) (734) 764-4127

Storing Your Bags and Belts:

  • Effective Monday June 14, 2021, cleanroom belts and pouches should no longer be stored on hangers or in garment bags so that proper separation between users’ items can be maintained and to minimize dropped/misplaced personal items.
  • We recommend storing belts and bags in your drybox, if you are able to.
  • If this is not practical, labelled reusable Ziploc bag will be issued to each user and the bags should be placed in the large blue bins installed on the shelf below the face masks/gloves. When exiting the cleanroom, users will place their garments in their white hanging bag and their belt in their labelled Ziploc bag in the appropriate bin. Ziploc bags shoudl be reused: empty bags can be left in the bins or stored in the user's garment bag while they are inside the cleanroom wearing their belt.
  • Bins will be purged on the same cycle as private chemicals and files on the server (January/May/September). Purged belts will be placed in the CAD room for a few weeks before being permanently removed.
  • You can also take your belt with you in a Ziploc bag (not to be open while outside of the lab).