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((#allow-groups:user}} MIF 319 is a developer that is used for positive photoresist. It is used in high resolution semiconductor fabrication. MIF 319 is Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) based.


MIF 319 is used on:


There are many hazards associated with working with MIF 319


The following chemicals make up MIF 319:

  • Water CAS# 7732-18-5
  • Surfactant
  • Tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide CAS# 75-59-2


MIF 319 has the following properties:

  • form: liquid
  • colour: colourless
  • odour: amines


MIF 319 is an alkaline liquid and vapor. Can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. Please read over the SDS for any further information. Always handle MIF 319 when wearing Trionic gloves. Any chemical containing TMAH should not be disposed of down the drain and should be collected for Hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste

AZ 319 should not go down the drain It should be collected in Hazardous waste bottles.

Safety Data Sheet