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On-the-fly tools can be activated by scanning your access card or keychain fob with the black “pcProx” card reader located near the tool.


Scanning your card will immediately create and start a reservation, activating the tool’s interlock. The following rules apply to on-the-fly reservations:

  • You must be authorized on the tool.
  • The reservation will be made for the minimum reservation time (for example five minutes). This is configured per tool so it may not be the same duration on every tool.
  • Additional card swipes will extend your reservation by the granularity (minimum time interval) for the tool. This is also configured per tool and may not always be the same. However, for on-the-fly tools it is typically five minutes.

You can check the Minimum Reservation time by looking at the tool information on the Scheduler. This is located below the list of tools on the left side of the screen.

You can check the granularity by looking at the time interval between each row of the calendar grid on either the Day or Week tab.

Your reservation will end automatically at the scheduled end time, or you can manually end it by logging into the Scheduler selecting the tool and clicking your reservation time slot. Scanning your card will not end your reservation, it will only extend it.


The account used for your reservation is determined by the account order set in your preferences. This can be configured by clicking the Preferences link at the top of the page. On the Preferences page your active accounts are listed and can be ordered by dragging and dropping. Whichever account is first will be used for on-the-fly reservations. You can change the account after the reservation is complete by clicking the Reservation History link at the top of the page. On the Reservation History find the reservation and click the Edit link. On the next page select the correct account under Modify Account and click the Save button. Any account modification must occur during the same month as the reservation.