Procedure for bringing a new chemical into the LNF

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Before bringing in a new chemical or material to the LNF, submit a new material or chemical request. Even if it is a material that has already been used for a elsewhere in the lab, if this is the first time that the material will be introduced to a particular tool, you should submit a new material request form.

Similarly, for chemical processes, even if the process uses chemicals that already exist in the LNF, if this is the first time this particular process is being done in the LNF, you should put in a chemical process request.
In order to bring a chemical into the LNF you must first get it approved by staff. LNF staff will review the request for feasibility, safety, and cross-contamination issues, and will approve it after any issues have been resolved. Each material and chemical request is different; therefore, some requests may be approved quickly, while other cases may be more complex and require more time, information, and consideration. If problems exist which cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the request may be rejected. The LNF’s goal is to be as flexible as possible to allow new research to proceed, but without endangering other research or your safety.

If you can provide information about the properties of the material or chemicals, it would help expedite the review process. Manufacturer’s product data sheets, safety data sheets, or other references from literature are helpful.

New material request

Create a ticket, general or associated to the tool where you are planning to use the materials, briefly summarizing what you want to do. If you can find information (product data sheets, safety data sheets, or other references from literature) about the material, please send it to the same address. Fill out this material request form.

This is the procedure for bringing a bottle of chemical into the LNF

For chemicals that are already approved for use in the LNF

  • Notify staff that you will be purchasing your own bottle of this chemical
  • Transport it to the LNF in a secondary container (e.g., the original box it was shipped in, or a chemical carrier). If it is in a cardboard box, remove it from the cardboard box outside the gowning room
  • Label it with a Private Chemical label, using the the label maker in the Cleanroom or ROBIN lab

For chemicals that are not currently approved for use in the LNF

If you are bringing a chemical into the lab that is not currently approved, contact staff by sending an email to regarding the chemical. Include how and where (preferred) it will be used.

  • All chemicals in the LNF have Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • The request will be reviewed by LNF staff
  • Staff will work with you to develop an SOP for using the chemical. Important parts include:
    • Shipping instructions
    • Storage instructions
    • PPE requirements
    • Where it will be utilized
    • The procedure for using the chemical
    • How it will be disposed of
    • Safety considerations
    • SOP Template