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A quick dump rinse (QDR) is used to fully rinse wafers after processing in chemicals. The quick dump rinser fills deionized (DI) water from the bottom of the bath and directs the flow upward towards. The spray from the QDR will then remove particles, or chemicals from the wafer or piece. The top of the tank also has an overflow that is used to discard the removed particulate and chemicals. At the end of the overflow, the bottom of the tank opens and the rinse water will drain from the tank. Meanwhile, nozzle sprayers on the top of tank ensures to keep the wafer or piece wet while the old water is removed.


The following equipment has a QDR


A QDR is used to:

  • Stopping the chemical reaction (stripping, etching, etc) from continuing after removal from tank
  • Clean rinse water dragged out on parts from chemical wet processes.
  • Complete contaminant, chemical, and particulate removal from the wafer or part that was processed

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