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Optical microscopy

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In order to image and measure objects in the micron range it is necessary the use of a microscope. Microscope technology has advanced tremendously with the
--> {{#vardefine:acronymEpi-fluorescence}} <!--Set the technology or technology group that this is a member of--> {{#vardefine:parent|Optical Microscopy}} <!----> {{Infobox technology|image = 020.jpg||technology = {{#var:parent|Optical Microscopy}}|names = {{#if: {{#var:acronym}} | {{#var:acronym}},&nbsp; |}} Epi-fluorescense|equipment = [[:Category:{{#var:acronym|{{PAGENAME}}}} equipment|List of {{#var:acronym|{{lcfirst:{{PAGENAME}}}}}} equipment]]|materials = Biological samples that have been fluorescent labeled}}
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