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===Deposition rate===
Deposition rate, usually expressed in Å/sec, is measured at the substrate using various methods depending on the type of film deposited. It is measured real-time in the evaporators and after run completion for other techniques.
===Film Composition===Can be called stoichiometry. Usually expressed in atomic % or weight % defines the film behavior, optical constants, stresses, etch rates, physical properties like melting point, vapor pressure, etc.
===Refractive index===
Defines optical properties of a given material for a specific frequency or wavelength of light. Also known as index of refraction n. The index of the film is measured using [[Ellipsometry]] that also gives clues to the density, dielectric constant, and stoichiometry of the film <ref name=handbook>Handbook of Thin Film Deposition: Processes and Technologies</ref>.
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