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Plasmatherm 790

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==Standard Operating Procedure==
<!-- To include a document from [ docs, use the line below, replace "googledocid" with the ID for the document. Remember, to make this visible, you must set Sharing for the document to "Anyone with the link can com/file/d/0B3k-qgz56T_4RVJqUHp3eEsySUk/view". -->{{#widget:GoogleDoc|key=1iRHIBHG0BvqpsX1quhb8YszCImOkyvzJx_SxqluPOt8}}Plasmatherm 790 SOP]
==Checkout Procedure==
OnlineAccess, PhysicalAccess, Staff, StoreManager, StoreUser, Bureaucrats, Interface administrators, Administrators, Widget editors


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