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{{#vardefine:toolid|10061}} <!-- Set the resource ID, 5 digit # found on the scheduler -->{{#vardefine:technology|Plasma etching}} <!-- Set the Process Technology (see subcategories on Equipment page) -->{{#vardefine:restriction|3}} <!-- Set the Material Restriction Level: 1 = CMOS Clean, 2 = Semi-Clean, 3 = Metals -->{{infobox equipment
|caption =
|materials = [[photoresist]], [[polymers]]
|manufacturer = [ Yield Engineering Systems]
|model = CV200RFS(E)
}}The YES-CV200RFS(E) [[{{PAGENAME}}]] is a single wafer, downstream [[Plasma etching#Plasma_ashing|plasma strip/descum]] tool designed by [ Yield Engineering Systems]. It is designed for fast plasma stripping of [[photoresist]]s and other organic materials at up to 7000 Å/min. It can also be used for [[surface modification]] and gentle surface cleaning. It supports pieces and wafers from 2” to 8” and wafer pieces. The tool mainly uses [[oxygen]] plasma for organics removal, but it has been configured with three additional process gases ([[Ar]], [[Nitrogen|N<sub>2</sub>]], and [[Nitrogen trifluoride|NF<sub>3</sub>]]), for additional stripping and surface modification techniques.{{note|The [[Plasmatherm 790]] has a descum recipe comparable to the YES that can be used until the YES is brought back online.|reminder}}
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