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Endeavor M1 AlN Sputter Tool

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[[Sputter_deposition|< Sputter deposition]]
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*Aluminum Nitride ([[Aluminum Nitride|AlN]]) deposition.
**AlN is a 3-step process:
***A condition recipe which pastes a dummy 6" wafer with Al and then preps it for AlN deposition. The dummy wafer is then unloaded in the chamber***An etch recipe which runs an RF Ar etch on the process wafer and then runs an Ar/N<sub>2</sub> flow to prep the surface.
***Deposition recipes are designated by thickness and the the deposition time is set by a target file which is a mapping of dep rate per KWhr
****Users are only allowed must work with staff to change certain steps of the deposition recipes. Changes to condition or etch recipes are not allowed without staff supervision. ****Users can gas flows and stress unit settings to adjust thickness, uniformity and stress of the AlN film.
Recipe layout, recipe steps and editing rules are outlined in the DOP
Target is changed at 900 KWHrs. Kits swapped out around 500 KWHrs.
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