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Endeavor M1 AlN Sputter Tool

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===Process Characterization===
AlN Thickness vs Dep Time *AlN thickness is set in the recipe and the tool uses the target file data to determine the deposition rate.**The Target file adjusts the deposition rate depending on the wear/age (KWhrs) of Step 4:the target.**Thickness data collected by users and staff in the logbook will be used to adjust and improve the accuracy of the target file.
''NOTE{{#widget: Chamber just rebuilt in 2015Iframe|url=https://docs. Intention|width=1200|height=400|border=0}} Stress Adjustment Unit*The stress adjustment unit is used to add data for trend vs KWhrs as more data is collected''*Typically the deposition rate starts at around 9 Åadjust a capacitance/s and falls resistance path to below 8 Å/s as ground of the targets wearschamber.*Also note that, because of preparatory steps and non-linear heating of *Users can adjust the target, the linear fit does not intercept at 0 Ådial before their runs.*Finally note that *Typically adjustments below 25 will lead to plasma instability issues so the deposition rates published here are for a variety of Ar/N<sub>2</sub> flows and vendor does not recommend going below that large Ar/N<sub>2</sub> flow changes will vary deposition rate significantlypoint.
AlN Hysteresis:
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