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Endeavor M1 AlN Sputter Tool

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[[Sputter_deposition|< Sputter deposition]]
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The Endeavor M1 is dedicated for sputter-deposition of high quality piezoelectric [[Aluminum nitride|aluminum nitride Aluminum Aitride (AIN)]] films. Piezoelectric AlN is deposited using [[Reactive sputtering|reactive sputtering]] of a pure [[Aluminum|Al]] target with a combination of nitrogen and argon as the sputtering gasses. Piezoelectric AlN is difficult to sputter because of the insulating nature of the film, stress issues in the film and it’s sensitivity to O<sub>2</sub>. As a result, it requires a dedicated system which uses dual AC target technology, extensive Al pasting routines, substrate bias to prep surfaces and a loadlock to minimize pumping times while still allowing mid-10<sup>-7</sup> Torr pressures.
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