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Endeavor M1 AlN Sputter Tool

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*New Endeavor Tool being installed - Target Release April 22.
===Hardware Details===
*Turbo-pumped/Water-pumped (high temp cryo that acts as a water trap,) loadlocked sputtering tool. Base pressures in the 10-7, 10-8 range
*10 KW AC power supply that runs 5-7KW power across a dual Al target source
*RF bias on wafer holding platen to control surface characteristics.thru Ar and N2 bombardment*Backside lamp heating*100 50 sccm N<sub>2</sub> and 20sccm Ar and 20sccm O2 flow meters.
*Handler for 6" wafers, carrier for 4" wafers.
===Substrate Requirements===
*'''4” and 6" wafers only'''
*The process heats the wafer considerably (~500°C or more) with heavy ion bombardment so no organics or low temperature films are allowed in the tool.
*The process only produces piezoelectric AlN films on certain materials (specifically blanket undoped or low-doped Si, SiO<sub>2</sub> and patterned Mo, Pt, Al.)
====Stress Adjustment Unit====
*The stress adjustment unit is used to adjust change the resistance in a capacitance/resistance path circuit to ground of the chamber.
**Users can adjust the dial before their runs.
**Typically adjustments below 25 will lead to plasma instability issues so the vendor does not recommend going below that point.
==Checkout Procedure==
<!-- Describe the checkout procedure for the tool. For example: -->
*Read through this page and the Standard Operating Procedure above.
*Create a [{{#var:toolid}} Helpdesk Ticket] requesting training.
*A tool engineer will schedule a time for initial training.
There is no maintenance allowed by users of this tool.
===Power Bump Recovery===
*In case of a power bump, nothing on the tool is time-critical or will lead to tool damage.
*The tool power up requires multiple steps and some system checks in the service aisle.
Therefore, in case of a for power bumprecovery, please contact staff and do not attempt to perform the power bump recoveryunload any wafers.
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