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Dektak 6M

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<!-- Insert the tool description here -->The [[Dektak 6M]] is a [[stylus profilometry|stylus profilometer]] used for thin film step height measurements. The tool is capable of measuring steps of ~ 500 Å to 260 100 um. It uses a diamond-tip stylus that contacts the sample. The tool maintains a constant stylus force as the sample stage moves the sample under the stylus tip to trace a profile. This tool can profile surface topography and waviness, as well as measure surface roughness.
<!--A more general description of what the tool is capable of doing.-->
*Vertical Range: ~500 Å - 100um (Although the range selection on the instrument goes up to 2620 kÅ (262um), only step heights of up to 100 μm are allowed to be scanned on this tool. For heights above this, the stylus may not be able to climb up the step and can become stuck on the side of the profile, but the stage will continue to move which can damage the stylus, sensor head, and your sample. For steps taller than 100 um, the Zygo or LEXT 3D optical profilers should be used or there are also a height gauges located next to the Flexus stress measurement tool in the main clean room or in the CMP room in the ROBIN lab.
**Note: Step height measurement accuracy for small steps becomes limited by noise floor of the instrument and/or sample surface roughness. Based on step height repeatability measurements on a calibration check sample with 400 um scan distance and 200 um feature width, approximately +/-10% accuracy is expected for a 500 Å step
*Vertical Resolution (@ various ranges):
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