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LNF Picture Contest

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==2020 LNF Photo Contest Winners==
Fist place: '''Wonjin Choi''' for ''Microscale Kirigami Net'' (Prof. Kotov's group, U-M Chemical Engineering)<br />
Second place: '''Jong Kim''' for ''Organic Impressionism'' (Prof. Forrest's group, U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering)<br />
Third place: '''Ashley Jian''' for ''Modern Art Oil Painting'' (Prof. Ahmadi's group, U-M Electrical and Computer Engineering)<br />
ArtsEngine Winner: '''Audrey Rose Gutierrez''' for ''Sun Beats Down'' (Prof. Reddy's group, U-M Mechanical Engineering)<br />
[[File:2020_LNF_Picture_Contest_Winners.jpg|center|750px|2019 LNF Picture Contest Winners]]
== About the Contest ==
Second prize: $75<br />
Third prize: $50 <br /><br />
 This year ArtsEngine We are happy to have partnered with '''[ ] will grant ''' who also grants $100 for the "ArtsEngine Honorary Award" to the entry "''that demonstrates a mastery of subject matter and artistic impression".   You can submit an image through LNF Online Services: [https://ssel-sched.eecs'']. Submission will be accepted from March 5th, 2019. End of submissions will be announced shortly
* Submissions are done via the LNF Online Services.
* Title the image, use a name that relates to what you see in the photos-show your creativity (i.e. "Sunrise in LNF"). In addition, include a technical description (500 character max).
<!-- == Voting== Voting on for the 2019 2021 contest is active. You can vote until July 7thmidnight on January 31st, 2019 at midnight2021. To vote please click on the button below or go to the following link []. You can also vote from the LNF Online System by clicking on the VOTE button.[[File:Capture.PNG|center|VOTE|link=]] -->  <!-- ==Instructions for Submission==
* You may upload 1 image only. To replace an image you must delete it and then upload a new one. Note: you can combine multiple images into one collage.
* The following file types are allowed: .png, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg.
* The maximum file size is 30 MB. ''If possible'' a minimum of 300 dpi (1800x2700 pixel) and landscape format.
* Descriptions and photos should not contain any personal information, such as your name. Please only use alphanumerical characters. (no quotes etc)
* There is a 500 character limit for descriptions. Any text beyond this will be truncated.-->==Past Winners==*'''2019 Photo Contest Winners'''<br />Fist place: Zachary Berquist<br />Second place: Dongxiao Yang<br />Third place: Ashley Jian<br />[[File:LNF_Picture_Contest_Slide_Atrium_WINNERS_2019_8-6-19.jpg|center|750px|2019 LNF Picture Contest Winners]]
== Past Winners==
*'''2018 Photo Contest Winners'''<br />
Fist place: Kanghwan Kim<br />
Third place: Dongxiao Yang<br />
[[File:LNF_Picture_Contest_Slide_WINNERS_2018_1485x800.jpg|center|750px|2017 Photo 2018 Picture Contest Winners]]
*'''2017 Photo Contest Winners'''<br />
Second place: Tal Nagourney<br />
Third place: Mina Zeinali<br />
[[File:LNF_Photo_Contest_Slide_for_LNF_1485x800_%281%29.jpg|center|750px|2017 Photo Picture Contest Winners]]
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