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*'''Target dimensions or Evaporation Material volume and shape''': Once the material is approved, LNF staff will get you the information on target dimensions and any source requirements. Some targets may require bonding to a backing plate. Some evaporated materials may require a solid source.
*'''Material Purity''': In order to support a high standard of process dependability, we require that all sources used have a purity value of 99.995% or greater. This is often described as, “Four Nines Five” and typically written as “4N5”. In cases where 4N5 materials are not available, contact an LNF staff to discuss your options.
*'''Dedicated Shielding and Crucibles''': Users requesting new sputter materials will need to buy dedicated shielding for the material. New evaporation materials users may be requested to buy a dedicated crucible for that material.  See the [ Requesting a new material] tutorial for specifics.
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