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==PVD Materials Supported for General Use==
These are the PVD films currently supported in the LNF with maximum thicknesses listed.
*In the evaporators, maximum thickness numbers are total thickness of that material per run.
**They are determined by stress or material availible.
**If you run multiple layers of the same material, the sum total thickness of those layers must be below the maximum.
If you do not see the film you need, you can request a new material to use as a private source.
*'''Unless there is a specific need, new materials will be added to the AE Evaporator or the PVD-75.'''
*The goal is to reduce contamination and down-time by keeping user-source rotation to a minimum on the more "standard," precious-metals-supporting tools ([ Lab 18-2], Enerjet[ EnerJet]) and tools that support optical films ([ Lab 18-1]) and contact films . ([ SJ-20.])
===Procedure for requesting a new material===
*Create a helpdesk ticket to inform LNF staff of your request, and to provide us with a forum to communicate with you.
*Your request will be reviewed by the LNF management and staff.
*This process can; , in some cases, take up to a month to complete.
*You must complete a New PVD Material Request form for every new material you bring into the PVD tools.
Due to issues of cross-contamination, process development of co-sputtered films will require the purchase of private targets and shields.
===KJLC Lab 18 Superuser access provides access to ===
*Target change
*Modify and run VP (variable parameter) recipes
LabUser, OnlineAccess, PhysicalAccess, Staff, StoreManager, StoreUser


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