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Nanoquest II Ion Mill

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{{infobox equipment
|manufacturer = [ Intlvac Thin Film]
|model = Nanoquest II
|caption =
|materials =
|mask =
|size =100 mm, 150 mm
|chemicals =
|gases = [[Ar]], [[O2|O<sub>2</sub>]], [[N2|N<sub>2</sub>]]
|overview = [[{{PAGENAME}}#System_overview | System Overview]]
|sop = not released <!--[ SOP]-->
|processes = [[{{PAGENAME}}/Processes|Supported Processes]]
|userprocesses = [[LNF_User:{{PAGENAME}}_user_processes|User Processes]]
<!--A more general description of what the tool is capable of doing.-->
* Etch Rate* Resolution* Aspect Ratio* Thickness rangerates of <2 nm/min up to >40 nm/min for a wide variety of materials
==System overview==
===Hardware details===
* Source Gases** [[Ar]] - 50 sccm** [[O2|O<sub>2</sub>]] - 50 sccm** [[N2|N<sub>2</sub>]] - 50 sccm* Gas Ring** [[O2|O<sub>2</sub>]] - 50 sccm** [[N2|N<sub>2</sub>]] - 50 sccm{{note|Each gas can be delivered to either the source or gas ring, but not both}}
* Pressure
* Chuck* Ebara EMT3300MK turbo pump** Base pressure < 10<sup>-7</sup>* Actively cooled platen with Dri-chuck mounting system** 100 mm and 150 mm chucks available** 5°C - 40°C range* KRI RFICP220 gridded ion source* Chamber* Beam current up to 1500 mA* RF / Power Specs* Beam voltage up to 1000 V* Chemicals3" dia RF magnetron sputter cathode
===Substrate requirements===
* Wafer Size100 mm or 150 mm wafers* Wafer type* Any Smaller samples may be mounted to a carrier wafer at the [[sample mounting?station]]* Wafer thickness* 3 mm max height {{dubious}}
===Material restrictions===
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