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LNF Staff:Life Safety Systems

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[[{{PAGENAME}}]] is a are [[physical vapor depositionLSS]] method of thin film deposition in which a high-purity source material (called a cathode or target) is subjected to a gas plasma (typically [[argon]]). The energetic atoms in this gas plasma collide with the target material and knock off source atoms which then travel to the substrate and condense into a thin film.
The LNF has multiple technologies integrated in their life safety systems.
* [[Honeywell LonWorks|Honeywell LonWorks]]
* [[Vertex_Multi-Point_Toxic_Gas_Monitoring_System|Vertex Multi-Point Toxic Gas Monitoring System]]
* [[Midas®_Gas_Detector|Midas® Gas Detector ]]
==Figures of merit==
=See also==
* [[Physical vapor depositionLSS]]
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