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Optical lithography

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===Automated batch equipmentHMDS==={{Hatnote|Equipment: * [[ACS 200 cluster tool]]}}HMDS is included in the standard spin processes in the ACSThe * [[ACS 200 cluster toolImage Reversal Oven]] is a batch tool for 4" and Batch process small pieces up to 25 6" wafers that includes a [[HMDS]] vapor prime oven, photoresist spinner, hotplates, and developer module.* Vapor prime oven{{spaced ndash}}[[HMDS]] adhesion promoter application* Photoresist module** Up to 5000{{nbsp}}rpm** Automatic dispense of [[SPR 200|SPR 220 (3.0)]] and [[Shipley 1800|1813]]** [[EFD]] option for other photoresists* Hotplates{{spaced ndash}}100°C, 110°C, and 115°C with step-down option* Developer module{{spaced ndash}}[[AZ 300]] and [[MF 319]]
===Adhesion promoterPhotoresist Spinning==={{Hatnote|Equipment: * [[Image Reversal OvenACS 200 cluster tool]]}}** Automated spinning of [[HMDS]] may be manually applied to the sample, although the recommended method is using a vapor prime oven. In addition to the module in the [[ACS SPR 200 cluster tool|ACSSPR 220 (3.0)]], the and [[Image Reversal OvenSPR 955]] can perform HMDS vapor prime for samples from small pieces up to a 25 ** 4" and 6" wafers. ===Photoresist application===There are several manual photoresist spinners in the LNF that can * Manual Spinners accept small pieces up to 6" wafers in addition to 4"–7" mask plates: ** [[CEE 200X photoresist spinner 1]]{{spaced ndash}}automatic dispense of [[SPR 220|SPR 220 (3.0) and (7.0)]]and SPR 955 0.9** [[CEE 200X photoresist spinner 2]]{{spaced ndash}}automatic dispense of [[SPR 220|SPR 220 (3.0)]] and [[1813]]** [[CEE 100CB photoresist spinner]]{{spaced ndash}}fully manual spinner for photoresist and other polymers
*[[GCA AS200 AutoStep]]{{spaced ndash}}pieces up to 6" wafers, 5x reduction lens, 0.45 NA
;Contact Aligners
*[[MA-BA-6_Mask-Bond_Aligner|MA/BA-6 Mask/Bond Aligner]]{{spaced ndash}}4" and 6" wafers with backside alignment capability
*[[MJB3-2]]{{spaced ndash}}pieces up to 3" wafers
*[[MJB 45S]]{{spaced ndash}}[[SU-8]] and [[PDMS]] exposure
*[[GCA AS200 AutoStep]]{{spaced ndash}}pieces up to 6" wafers, 5x reduction lens, 0.45 NA
;Direct Write
*[[Heidelberg µPG 501 Mask Maker]]{{spaced ndash}}mainly for [[mask making]] but can also be used on samples up to 5" across
Samples can be developed in the * [[ACS 200 cluster tool|ACS]] as well as on manual puddle-developers or in a beaker. Beakers are only recommended for very long Automated spray development times.of 4" and 6" wafers with [[AZ 300]] and [[MF 319]];Manual * The CEE puddle developers* may be used on pieces up to 6" wafers and up to 7" masks.** [[CEE Developer 1]]{{spaced ndash}}[[AZ 726]]** [[CEE Developer 2]]{{spaced ndash}}[[AZ 726]] and [[Microposit developer concentrate]]; Beaker developing* [[Base Bench 63]]{{spaced ndash}}Beaker development is useful for developing thick photoresist like [[KMPR]] 
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