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Sputter deposition

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===Lab 18-1===
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*Materials Deposited: [[Al2O3|Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>]], [[Indium-Tin-Oxidetin oxide|ITO]], [[Molybdenum|Mo]], [[Silicon|Si]], [[Silicon Dioxidedioxide|SiO<sub>2</sub>]], [[Silicon Nitridenitride|Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub>]], [[Tantalum|Ta]], [[Tantalum|Ta<sub>2</sub>O<sub>5</sub>]], [[Titanium|Ti]], [[Titanium Dioxidedioxide|TiO<sub>2</sub>]], [[Vanadium|V]], [[Vanadium Pentoxide|V2O5]]
*Lab 18-1 is a loadlocked magnetron sputter tool used for depositing '''less common metals, insulators, optical and semiconductive films.''' It has a variable-gated turbo pump and more sensitive gas flows that allow it to run more sensitive gas ratios (<1%) for reactive sputtering. It has a DC supply for conductive materials and RF supplies for electrically insulating materials. Deposition rates vary by material but are generally much slower for RF depositions. The tool supports 5 materials at a time, rotated using the [|Lab 18-1 Target Change Calendar]
===Lab 18-2===
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*Materials: [[Aluminum|Al]],[[Chromium|Cr]],[[Gold|Au]],[[Iridium|Ir]],[[Nickel|Ni]],[[Platinum|Pt]],[[Silver|Ag]],[[Titanium|Ti]],[[Tungsten|W]],[[Tungsten:Titanium-9:1|W-Ti]]
*Lab 18-2 is a loadlocked magnetron sputter tool used for mostly for '''depositing common and precious metals.''' The tool supports 5 materials at a time, rotated using the [|Lab 18-2 Target Change Calendar]
===PVD 75 Sputter Tool===
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*Materials deposited: [[Al2O3|Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>]], [[Aluminum|Al]], [[Chromium|Cr]], [[Copper|Cu]], [[Cobalt|Co]], [[Iron|Fe]], [[Molybdenum|Mo]], [[Silicon|Si]], [[Silicon Dioxidedioxide|SiO<sub>2</sub>]], [[Silicon Nitridenitride|Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub>]], [[Nickel|Ni]], [[Silver|Ag]], [[Titanium|Ti]], [[Tungsten|W]]
*The PVD 75 tool is designed specifically for '''point of use processing of materials not allowed or not currently in the Lab 18 tools.''' It is an open loop (non-loadlocked) tool with easier-to-change targets. Qualified users can change targets when they vent the chamber to load their samples.
The following materials can be deposited via Magnetron sputter deposition at the LNF. Please note some materials are rarely used in these cases, additional work will be needed to validate process conditions and the rate of deposition.
*[[Aluminum oxide|Aluminum oxide(Al2O3)]]
*[[Gold|Gold (Au)]]
*[[Indium Tin Oxidetin oxide|Indium Tin Oxidetin oxide(ITO)]]
*[[Nickel|Nickel (Ni)]]
*[[Tantalum Oxideoxide|Tantalum Oxideoxide(Ta2O5)]]
*[[Titanium Oxideoxide|Titanium Oxideoxide(TiO2)]]
<!--*[[Titanium dioxide|Titanium dioxide(TiO2)]]-->
*[[Tungsten-Titanium 90:10|Tungsten-Titanium 90:10(W-Ti)]]
*[[Vanadium Pentoxide|Vanadium Pentoxide(V2O5)]]
==Method of operation==
==Figures of merit==
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The figures of merit are described in the generic [[Physical vapor deposition | PVD]] page
===Responses of figures of merit with parameter changes===
**In the PVD 75 and Lab 18 tools, smaller sources eject material from the face of a 3" target that is angled to cover around 1/2 of the substrate area. The substrate is rotated to coat the entire area. Varying the angle will vary the throw distance and change the amount deposited on the center and edge. The supplies have a set throw angle that is optimized for best uniformity.
**In the ALN tool, the wafer is centered over two targets which are larger than the substrate. Uniformity can be only be adjusted using the DC supply which raises and lowers the power to the center target.
==See also==
==Further reading==
*[ LNF Tech Talk for PVD]
*[[Wikipedia:Sputter_deposition|General Overview: Wikipedia Sputter Deposition]]
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