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Acid Bench 73

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Acid Bench 73 is a wet bench used for working with [[:Category:Acid|acids]], mostly for [[Wet etching|etching]] and [[cleaning]] of samples that have had metals and/or polymers on them. It is considered a [[Metals]] class tool, so wafers with metal are allowed in the bench with some restrictions. It is intended for use with mixed materials and all substrate sizes up to 6 inches with the main focus being on piece parts.
* Sink with goose neck
* Automated Bottle Wash
* Aspirator for chemical cleanup
==System overview==
* [[Nanostrip|Nanostrip]]
* [[Piranha Etch|Piranha Etch]]
* [[ RCA Clean|RCA Organic]]* [[RCA Clean|RCA Ionic]]
If you wish to perform any other processes on this bench, they must be approved by a tool engineer. Please create a [ helpdesk ticket] for assistance.
==Standard operating procedure==
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==Checkout procedure==
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Checkout on Acid Bench 73 also includes checkout [[Acid Bench 72]], and [[Acid Bench 82]]. Please be prepared for this when you reach steps 5 and 6.
# Take the [[General Wet Bench Training]], if you haven't already.
# Read through this page and the Standard Operating Procedure above.
# Practice with your mentor or another authorized user until you are comfortable with tool operation.
# Open a Fill out [httphttps://ssel-scheddocs.eecsgoogle.umich.educom/forms/sselonlined/?view=e/sselScheduler1FAIpQLScv9PDTq-3nFVrJf_9HG0xi7wZNZVCEVTcW-IhgWFhlnkds4g/ResourceContact.aspxviewform?tabindexusp=3&path=0:0:0:71231 helpdesk ticketsf_link Process Information Form] and request a checkout. Please specify the process and the size of your sample.# A tool engineer You will schedule a time need to fill this out for checkouteach bench you plan on using.
# Complete the [ 1440 Acid Bench quiz].
# Open a [ helpdesk ticket] and request a checkout.
# If you pass the quiz the tool engineer will authorize you on the tool. If not you will be contacted to repeat.
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===User Allowed===
* If you break a nitrogen gun or a DI water gun, go in the back service aisle to turn off the inlet to the bench===Staff===There is a maintained beaker for gold and chrome etch - changed every 6 weeks* Contact staff via Helpdesk system
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