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ACS 200 cluster tool

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{{infobox equipment
|caption =
|materials = [[SPR 220]], [[SPR 955|SPR 955 0.9]], and LNF approved photo resist syringes
|mask =
|size =
|maintenance = [[{{PAGENAME}}#Maintenance | Maintenance]]
The [[{{PAGENAME}}]] is an automated [[photoresist]] [[Lithography|coating, baking, vapor prime, stripping and developing]] tool. It can run full 4" and 6" cassettes of up to 25 wafers at a time. It's capable of having multiple paths running simultaneously (ie., coating and developing from two different cassettes). It automatically pumps [[SPR 220]]-(3.0) and [[SPR 955]] photoresists. Other resists can be set up to automatically dispense from a syringe. The spinner's closed lid option can help aid with more uniform sidewall coating. [[HMDS]] is applied via vapor prime. Both developers are CMOS compatible ([[MF 319]], and [[MF 300]]). The developer temperature is controlled to within 0.1°C throughout the process.
* Spinner equipped with back side rinse arm for 4" wafers only
* 4" chuck will accommodate 6"
* [[SPR 220]]-(3.0) and [[SPR 955|SPR 955 0.9]] photo resists automatically dispensed.
* All other approved resists can be coated with EFD dispense option.
* Spray develop module fitted with [[MF 300]] and [[MF 319]]
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