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Reactive ion etching

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|equipment = [[:Category:RIE equipment|List of RIE equipment]]
Reactive ion etching (RIE) is a high resolution mechanism for [[etching]] materials using [[Plasma etching|reactive gas discharges]]. It is a highly controllable process that can process a wide variety of materials, including [[semiconductors]], [[dielectrics]] and some [[Reactive metals|metals]]. One major advantage to RIE over other forms of etching is that the process can be designed to be highly [[Isotropy|anisotropic]], allowing for much finer resolution and higher aspect ratios. For a detailed overview of RIE, please review the [ view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-yGk7A8kAmb0kQArcKPNlTQ technology workshop].
Below is a general description of the RIE equipment at the LNF. For a complete list, please see [[:Category:RIE equipment|list of RIE equipment]].
<onlyinclude>===P5000 RIE===
{{main|P5000 RIE}}
The P5000 is a 3 chamber tool designed for production etching. Chambers A and B are configured for SiO<sub>2</sub> and Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> etching, where as chamber C is configured for [[polysilicon]] and amorphous silicon etching. Chambers B and C are restricted to [[CMOS clean]] devices where as chamber A is open to [[semi-clean]] devices.
In most reactors, DC bias is not controlled directly, but will depend on the conductance of the plasma and the power applied to the sample.
RIE can be used to etch a wide variety of materials, including dielectrics, semiconductors, polymers, and some metals. For information on etching specific materials, please review the sections below.
===Dielectric etching===
{{main|Dielectric plasma etching}}
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==Complete tool list==
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==See also==
 * [[Plasma etching]]* [[Plasma processing]]
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==Further reading==
 *[ LNF Tech Talk for RIE]* [ Etching nano features with SF<sub>6</0B76AgohVTgqdamFiaE1mRk9mVmMsub>ːO<sub>2</preview RIE Workshop January 16th, 2015sub> plasma]
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