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PVD 75 Proline

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In addition to these, this tool has a number of user-supported recipes for depositing a wide variety of materials. Some of these recipes are documented on User Processes.
If you have a material deposition need that is not listed, check to see if this material is deposited on another PVD tool or see more about options for running your own private material on the [[LNF PVD Films|LNF PVD Films]] page. The PVD 75 Proline is the preferred sputtering tool for non-standard materials. For new materials, see the [ LNF Sputter Adding New Films] page.
===Process Name===
Multiple staff characterized films are available. If two thicknesses are listed the first is for per run and the second thickness is for total material used per reservation.
If you are interested in sputtering a new material, see the [ LNF Sputter Adding New Films] page.
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