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Lab 18-2

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In addition to these, this tool has a number of user-supported recipes for depositing a wide variety of materials. Some of these recipes are documented on User Processes.
If you have a material deposition need that is not listed, check to see if this material is deposited on on another PVD tool on the [[LNF PVD Films|LNF PVD Films]] page, or see more options for running your own private material on the [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Processes#Target_Calendar|Target configuration]] section of the {{BASEPAGENAME}}/Processes page. The PVD 75 Proline is the preferred sputtering tool for non-standard materials. For new materials, see the See how to [ LNF Sputter Adding LNF_PVD_Films#Requesting_to_Add_New_PVD_Materials Request New PVD Films] pagehere.
===Process Name===
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