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Nanoquest II Ion Mill

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==Supported processes==
<!-- We recommend creating a subpage detailing the supported processes for the tool, which will be generated if you leave the link below. Alternatively, you may include the information on this page. In that case, the Supported Processes document from the equipment manual can be included here, using {{#widget:GoogleDocmain|key=googledocid{{PAGENAME}}/Processes}} -->
There are Initial characterization data for several processes for this tool supported recipes provided by the LNF, which vendor are described shown in more detail the table below. Data is for thermal oxide and SPR 220. Uniformity data is from the thermal oxide measurement on the [[/Processes/]] page150 mm wafers with 10 mm edge exclusion.
{|class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:center"|- ! Recipe Name !! Oxide Etch Rate<br/>(nm/min) !! SPR 220 Etch Rate<br/>(nm/min) !! Uniformity<br/>(10 mm EE)|-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_200VB_165IB_40VA || 3.4 || 1.8 || 4.1%|-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_300VB_320IB_60VA || 8.9 || || 4.5% |-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_400VB_510IB_80VA || 16.6 || 14.2 || 3.9%|-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_500VB_740IB_100VA || 27.2 || 21.7 || 4.9%|-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_600VB_500IB_120VA || 23.2 || 18.6 || 1.5%|-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_600VB_990IB_120VA || 40.2 || 35.1 || 3.1%|-| style="text-align:left" | LNF_800VB_500IB_160VA || style="color: red;" | 25.4 || || 3.9%|} <!-- If you allow custom recipes, let users know to contact a tool engineer, and you may also create the link below which will create a page that users can add custom recipes to. -->In addition to these, this tool has a number of user-created recipes for etching a wide variety of materials. Some of these recipes are documented on [[LNF User:{{BASEPAGENAME}} User Processes|{{BASEPAGENAME}} user processes]]. If you are curious if your material can be processed in this tool, please contact the tool engineers via the helpdesk ticket system.-->
==Standard operating procedure==
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