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LAM 9400/Processes

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<!-- This should be created as a sub-page of a tool and list the processes available on the tool, which can then be detailed in individual process sub-pages -->
{{warning|This page The LAM 9400 has not been released yet.}} ==Description== Write a brief description variety of what this process is used processes available. There are standard supported recipes for herepoly, oxide and nitride, although there are many more materials etched via user created recipesEquipment: [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]
===Proccess List===
*: A SiO<sub>2</sub> etch
*: A etch designed to etch oxide and nitride at similar rates
*: An etch designed to be selective to oxide*[[{{PAGENAME}}/POLY_ETCH_2LNF_Poly]]*: An etch designed for polysilicon*[[{{PAGENAME}}/LNF_Ti_thin]]*[[{{PAGENAME}}/LNF_Aluminum]]*[[{{PAGENAME}}/LNF_Al2O3]]*[[{{PAGENAME}}/LNF_TiN_sel_Al2O3]]*[[{{PAGENAME}}/LNF_HfO2]]
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