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Parylene C

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*Parylene is stable over a very wide temperature range (-200 ‘C to +200 ‘C), allowing the chamber items coated in Parylene to be put in an autoclave
*Parylene is unaffected by solvents
==ProcessesProcessing Equipment=====Deposition===* [[SCS_PDS_2035CR]] ===Dry EtchEtching===Please seeSimilar to other polymers, parylene can be etched isotropically with an O<sub>2</sub> plasma.* [[Plasmatherm 790]]** [[Plasmatherm_790/Processes/m_pary1|m_pary1]]** [[Plasmatherm_790/Processes/L_O2_DSM|L_O2_DSM]]* [[LAM 9400]]** [[LAM_9400/Processes/mnf_parylene_fast_iso|mnf_parylene_fast_iso]]** [[LAM_9400/Processes/mnf_parylene_fast_iso|mnf_parylene_slow_iso]]** rh_parylene* [[STS Glass Etcher]]
==Technical data==
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