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{{#vardefine:restriction|3}} <!-- Set the Material Restriction Level: 1 = CMOS Clean, 2 = Semi-Clean, 3 = Metals, 4 = varies -->
{{Infobox material|image =|caption = |category = |properties =|names =}} Gold is generally used for conductive layers and occasionally in bonding applications. Due to its high mobility it is not allowed in most semiconductor equipment. Gold is commonly refereed to by it's atomic symbol Au.
==Processing Equipment==
*[[STS Glass Etcher]]
Discuss common uses/applications *Conducting Layer*Bond Pads*Bonding material for this material[[Eutectic bonding]] or [[Thermal Compression bonding]].
*[[Electron_beam_evaporation|E-beam evaporation]]
*[[Sputter_deposition|Sputter deposition]]
*[ Wikipedia : Gold]
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