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===Deposition Equipment===
*Tools in the LNF for depositing this material.Evaporation
** [[Angstrom Engineering Evovac Evaporator]]
** [[Cooke Evaporator]]
** [[SJ-20 Evaporator]]
** [[PVD 75 Proline]]
===Etching Equipment===
===Deposition Processes===
* List of technologies for depositing this material and relevant process information specific to this material associated with this equipment/type of process.[[Electron beam evaporation]]* [[Sputter deposition]]
===Etching Processes===
* Nickel can be etched with [[PiranhaEtch]] (380 nm/min), dilute [[Aqua regiaRegia]] (100 nm/min)*[[Plasma etching]]
===Characterization Processes===
*Citations[https:/references / KR Williams, K Gupta, M Wasilik, "Etch Rates for this materialMicromachining Processing - Part II", review articlesJMEMS vol. If possible12 No 6, examples of users publications which includes the material.Dec 2003]
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