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COVID-19 Protocols

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===Lab occupancy restrictions===
Maximum occupancy of one person per defined location (listed below) regardless of the number of pieces of equipment that may be available. These locations are visually defined in the lab by using "caution" tape placed at about 7ft high when the location is not defined by a door. Maps are posted in each location. Lab occupancy is now a “tool” reservable in the LNF online services scheduler, with one such reservation per each of the locations below. You should reserve your location(s) in the lab before reserving the tool to eliminate the risk of the space already being reserved even though the tool you need is available. You should only reserve the location for the time that you will be present in that space. If the equipment runs unattended per the normal SOP, the location does not need to be reserved while you are away.<br>
Lab occupancy reservation is only needed if you are staying in the space. If you will be in a location more than approximately 5 minutes, you need to reserve that location. If you are only passing through, retrieving labware from a rack or items from a drybox, you do not need to reserve the space, but follow the "Passing people" procedure below and please complete what you need to do promptlywhile maintaining social distancing.
'''Lab occupancy maps: '''
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