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STS Pegasus 4/Processes

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* [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/LNF Recipe 4]]
*: This highly specialized recipe is designed for high aspect ratio etching of small features (1-10 μm) with very low open area (<10%). The etch produces the most vertical sidewall with the least undercut, particularly at the top of the trench.
* [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/LNF Switched Poly]]
*: This recipe is designed for shallow etches and thin-film poly- and amorphous silicon etching. It uses a switched process similar to the standard deep silicon etches.
==Other Silicon Etch Recipes==
* [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/LNF Si Thinning 2]]
*: This recipe is intended for isotropic thinning of Si wafers for device release. It does not have high uniformity.
* [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/LNF Switched Poly]]
*: This recipe is...
* [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}/LNF Unswitched Poly]]
*: This recipe isfor shallow etches and thin-film poly- and amorphous silicon etching..It uses a single-step mixed gas process to minimize undercut, but is not very accurate.
==Support Recipes==
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