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Nanoquest II Ion Mill

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{{note|Currently, use of None at this tool is restricted to users with high priority deadlines and who are assisting with etch rate characterizationtime. If you believe your process falls into these categories, please create a helpdesk ticket. There will be extensive initial training and practice due to the limited documentation currently published for the tool.|error}}
==Standard operating procedure==
<!-- To include {{note|This SOP is still currently a document from google docs, draft. Please use caution when using the line below, replace "googledocid" with the ID for tool and take note of any additional information or changes provided by the documenttool engineer. Remember, to make this visible, you must set Sharing for the document to "Anyone with the link can view". -->|error}}{{#widget:GoogleDoc|key=1uEOe2y17LWWYWknJb8xiF6oAEcbNvh1j8K-iHGOmzttY0evotZVnLViYATzzBc3wD9zD-lalyo69wzpaopr6O8}}
==Checkout procedure==
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